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Each piece is an amalgamation of various substances mixed and poured into different types of molds and then exposed to different conditions such as temperature, humidity, movement, whisking, mixing, whipping, poking… as well as varying the duration conditions throughout the curing process. Through the exploration of medium, principles of baking, plastics, rubber, foam resin casting mold making.


The experiments are done to yield and document different results, and from there figure out how each particular change of environment, ingredient, mold type specifically effect the final outcome. Then learning and using that information to make a formula for recreating certain effects. Below is a list of substances used to date.


List of Substances:


Casting resin, mineral spirits, epoxy resin, xylene, fiberglass resin,  plexiglass dust, polysufide rubber, paraloid B-67, paraloid B-72, acrylic medium, acrylic paint, acrylic gesso, water, baby powder,    ink, dye, synthetic amorphous silicone dioxide, wheat, instant coffee, polyethylene, wood glue, latex, gesso dust, glass oxide

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